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About Labor’s Voices

Labors Voices is the official blog of the working people who are seeking fair and equitable employment conditions and pay rates.  More and more it is a question of taking personal responsibility and moving yourself from a position of dependence on someone else and instead become the producer yourself.

Today, we are imprisoned by our desires, shackled by shopping.  The will to shop is a corroding and enfeebling force.  We desire a new pair of shoes, a new car, a new house, a new sofa, a new TV.  We need money to buy these things, so we bind ourselves to an employer in order to get the money, or we get into debt by borrowing the money from one of the many institutions in the marketplace.  And this we call freedom.  This, simply put, is the problem with desire.  Our natural desire to live well and enjoy life is co-opted by the consumer system and turned into something actually enslaving.

Tom Hodgkinson, The Freedom Manifesto